Pasquali Microwave Systems

Space Application Components

Pasquali Microwave Systems is at the forefront of space application components, utilizing cutting-edge technology meticulously designed for space exploration and radio astronomy observation. Our components exhibit exceptional reliability and efficiency, from advanced signal processing units to high-frequency amplifiers, redefining the capabilities of spaceborne systems. These components are crucial for satellite communication (LEO, MEO, GEO), Earth observation, and deep-space missions, ensuring seamless data transmission and optimal performance in the harsh conditions of space.

Committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, Pasquali Microwave Systems continues to be a key player in shaping the future of space applications, contributing to the success of space missions and scientific discoveries. Our company actively participates in Industrial Research Programs and R&D Funded projects such as Artes ITT, Technology Transfer, and PORFESR.

Some of the notable programs Pasquali Microwave Systems has been involved in include Planck LFI, Metop MWI, Metop SCA, Platino SAR, and NAOS.

The principal product lines are listed below:

Absorbing Loads

  • Absorbing Loads
  • Adapters/Transitions
  • Cryogenic Loads (Calibration Target)
  • Feed Systems
  • OMTs
  • Ridgid/Flex Waveguides
  • Slot Antennas /Array
  • Waveguide Horns