Pasquali Microwave Systems

Ferrite Devices

Pasquali Microwave Systems has the capability to design and manufacture a wide variety of tailor-made ferrite waveguide devices, including Circulators, Switches, or Isolators that range from WR650 up to WR28 standards. These devices are well-suited for applications requiring stability with temperature variations, pressurization, and high-power capability. Even demanding Build-to-Spec (BtS) projects are addressed with a full in-house approach, leveraging the complementary expertise of Ride the Wave for electromagnetic and radio frequency (EM/RF) Design and Galvanica Pasquali for galvanic surface treatments and special coatings.

Below a list of Gruppo Pasquali’s main microwave product lines:

Ferrite devices

  • Circulators
  • Switches
  • Faraday Rotators
  • Isolators