Precision mechanical machining for waveguide devices by Pasquali Microwave Systems since 1958. Our expertise spans civil and military radars, space technology, security applications, and telecommunications, adhering to high quality and international standards.

Huntsville, AL – June 21, 2023 – Gruppo Pasquali, has selected Fighter Link Solutions International to implement and execute its expansion plans into the United States and North American markets under Pasquali Microwave USA. This effort began more than four years ago with the establishment of Pasquali Microwave USA. After an initial period to understand the American market, it was decided that the state of Alabama would be the right starting point for Pasquali Microwave USA business. It was hosted by the Alabama Department of Commerce and several Alabama state agencies to discuss common projects and opportunities in the Aerospace, Defense & Space and Civil sectors located in Huntsville, Alabama.

The strategic collaboration between Fighter Link and Pasquali Microwave USA represents a significant milestone for both companies, marking their commitment to fostering international partnerships and expanding their reach in the defense and technology sectors. This partnership brings together the expertise, resources, and innovative capabilities of two leading small businesses poised to deliver groundbreaking solutions in high-tech manufacturing and equipment supply to meet the evolving demands of the Defense & Space industry.

Read a full report on the event on the FLSI site here.

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