Our History

Since 1958, Pasquali Microwave Systems, based in Florence, Italy, has excelled in precision mechanical machining, specializing in waveguide devices and assemblies. Today, we stand at the forefront of microwave technology, crafting cutting-edge components for civil and military radars, space exploration, telecommunications, and security applications.

Our strength lies in unwavering quality, adaptability, and more than 65  years of expertise. We constantly enhance quality standards and employ the latest technology to provide specialized services that meet international commercial and stringent MIL standards for defense applications. Industry leaders in defense, aerospace, and telecommunications trust Pasquali Microwave Systems for reliable, high-performance solutions.

Join us in our journey of innovation and excellence, shaping the future of precision microwave technology.

Our Mission

Pasquali Microwave Systems mission is to become a dependable Partner leveraging on the added value given by its long-standing unique heritage which matches wellrounded capabilities from design and project to manufacturing and test of custom-made RF parts, which dates back to 1958.

Pasquali Microwave Systems vision is pursuing a leading role on the technological frontier of RF hi-tech technologies, specifically in Space and Defence sectors:

→ consolidating its position as technological partner of the main companies and
prime contractors, providing custom made solutions;
→ representing a key partner for institutions and universities for new studies,
tenders and research.

Company strategy aims specifically at exploiting Gruppo Pasquali companies’ synergies achieving the highest excellence levels thanks to the possibility to deliver RF assemblies embedding also galvanic treated parts and composite materials elements, with completely full-in-house processes.

Florence: Beyond its Artistic Splendor

When one thinks of Florence, the mind often conjures images of its rich artistic heritage and illustrious history. It’s a city associated with renowned figures like Michelangelo, Giotto, Cellini, and Brunelleschi. However, thanks to the teachings of Leonardo da Vinci, we understand that Florence isn’t just a hub of art; it’s a thriving center of creativity and talent that has significantly contributed to global progress and scientific advancements. Its reputation extends far beyond its artistic treasures, making it a recognized force in the realms of innovation and science worldwide.

Antonio Meucci, a pioneer in communication technology, conceived the idea for the telephone as early as 1849, securing its patent in 1871. Meanwhile, Eugenio Barsanti, who hailed from Pietrasanta but later established himself in Florence as a physics professor at the University of Florence, made his mark by inventing the combustion engine. The groundbreaking prototype of this engine was crafted in 1854 at the renowned Officine Benini.

Antonio Meucci and Eugenio Barsanti

How the radar
was invented

Guglielmo Righini, as the Director of the Observatory of Arcetri, made significant strides in the 1950s. Under his leadership, the observatory built the first radio telescope to capture the sounds of sunspot explosions, marking a breakthrough in astronomical research.

Nello Carrara, a native of Florence, pursued his education at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, where he earned a degree in physics. His close friendship with Enrico Fermi led him on a path to innovation. In 1936, he collaborated with Engineer Tiberio on an enigmatic device known as the “localiser,” later recognized as radar. Teaching at the Naval Academy during this period, Carrara’s work would play a crucial role during wartime, as radar technology became an indispensable tool for enemy localization, revealing the foresight of the English in its development.

Following World War II, Nello Carrara embarked on a transformative journey alongside Lorenzo Fernandes. Together, they reshaped SMA, a modest Florence-based company initially specializing in shadow-free operating lamps and infrared detectors. In an era where electronics were steadily replacing other industries, Carrara and Fernandes ushered in a new reality.

Their early endeavors were marked by resourcefulness, fueled by meager funds and the remnants of wartime ARAR vehicle parks. Yet, their ingenuity shone through. In 1953, they achieved a historic milestone by bringing to life Italy’s first radar system, marking a significant leap in technological progress.

The Genesis of Our History

1958: The Founding of Officine Pasquali

Driven by entrepreneurial flair, Remo Pasquali embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, initially serving as an external collaborator. In 1958, the visionary “Officine Pasquali” company was born within the confines of a garage. At its inception, the workforce consisted solely of Remo Pasquali and an eager trainee. Explore the remarkable beginnings of this pioneering venture.

What was a humble mechanical workshop at the service of Florentine geniality has evolved over the past 65 years. Today, Officine Pasquali has transformed into Pasquali Microwave Systems, a leading high-technology engineering company. We have paved our way by offering deep-knowledge technical products and solutions in Defense, Civil, and Space markets worldwide.

The Journey of Officine Pasquali

Work, Development, Humbleness

Over the years, Officine Pasquali has undergone a significant transformation, rebranding as “Pasquali Microwave Systems.” The days of Remo Pasquali and a trainee have given way to a team of skilled engineers and technicians, all dedicated to carrying forward the founder’s philosophy of Work, Development, Humbleness.

In its journey through time, Pasquali Microwave Systems expanded into defense, space, and civil sectors. We supplied radar devices, created components for various industries, and advanced telecommunications. Collaborations with ESA and NASA were significant.

We founded Galvanica Pasquali and RTW, which takes care of EM Design and RF Testing. Acquiring Vega Composites broadened our capabilities. Pasquali Microwave USA strengthened our presence in the U.S.

Aerospace, Defense Civil/TLC

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Key Personnel

Discover Pasquali Microwave Systems’ key personnel and their contact information. Get to know the experienced team driving innovation and excellence in microwave technology.

Roberto LapiniCEO
Matteo BiggiRF engineering & Development
Roberto GalassiRF Department Manager
Lorenzo BizzarriProduction Manager
Thomas LastrucciBusiness Development
Niccolò LapiniPurchasing Office
Salvatore Di TeodoroCommercial Manager
Andrea MenichelliMechanical Manager
Luca AgostiniQuality Manager
Elisa ZanattaAdministration
Francesco OvipariCommercial Office