Trusted by Global Industry Leaders in Defense, Aerospace, and Telecommunications for Components and Devices.

Waveguide devices and Microwave Components

Since 1958, Pasquali Microwave Systems, based in Florence, Italy, specializes in precision mechanical machining for waveguide devices. With over 65 years of experience of expertise, we now produce microwave components for civil and military radars, space, and security applications. Our flexibility, high quality, and adherence to international standards make us the choice of industry leaders in defense, aerospace, and telecommunications.

Exhibition and Event

IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium

16-21 June 2024, Washington, DC


Leveraging Comprehensive Capabilities in Precision Mechanics and Microwave Concepts to Craft Tailored Microwave Components and Assemblies for Specific Customer Requirements.


Ensuring Full Control from Design to Testing with In-House Operations for Standard and Custom Products, Backed by Stringent Quality Control and Quick Turnaround.

Product Testing

Our production cycle includes dimensional, electrical, and RF testing, utilizing modern in-house test equipment for both intermediate and final checks on all products.


Our specialized R&D team in microwave engineering, RTW, joined Gruppo Pasquali in 2006. RTW’s EM design expertise complements our manufacturing skills, driving continuous product improvement and innovation.

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Pasquali Microwave Systems

Trusted by Global Industry Leaders in Defense, Aerospace, and Telecommunications.

Qualifications and Certifications

Quality Policy

The main goal of Gruppo Pasquali (GP) is to consolidate and develop its position in the market sector in which it operates. Achieving this implies taking into consideration both the high technological level required and competition, which is becoming increasingly fierce. Hence, adopting and implementing an adequate quality policy having the basic principle of ensuring the indisputable quality of the product is crucial, given its importance for… (read more)

Our Company operates under a Quality Management System certified UNI EN 9100 and UNI EN ISO 9001.

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